What is the Therapist in Barcelona directory?

Our online directory service helps expats in Barcelona find english speaking therapists in Barcelona. 

The Therapist in Barcelona directory provides a service to expats, organisations, and professionals seeking the advice and assistance of an english speaking therapist, alternative therapist, physiotherapist, yoga teacher, coach, psychologist, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, sports psychologist, or other helping practitioner in Barcelona. 

What types of therapists and services can I find?

Search for a range of english speaking, Barcelona based therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists or coaches. Find animal assisted therapies or baby sleep consultants.

Connect with yoga or mindfulness teachers in Barcelona. 

Find physiotherapists in Barcelona. 

Reach out to alternative and complementary therapists, such acupuncturists, and massage therapists in Barcelona.r

What types of clients can search for help?

The Therapist in Barcelona directory provides an online search service to many different clients from all walks of life who speak english (or are multilingual) and are based in Barcelona. 

Clients we aim to serve include expats, adults, children, infants, adolescents, older adults, couples, families, parents, new mothers, women, men, groups, executives, companies, schools, immigrants, individuals from the QGLBTI communities, carers and many more. 

Why choose the Therapist in Barcelona Directory?

For clients we offer a comprehensive directory which allows you to search for therapists or services in Barcelona that have the best fit for who you are, where you are and what you need help with. Search now.

For professionals, we offer you the chance to present your services in a coherent and clear way. We match clients to therapists via clear, filtered searches helping you achieve the right fit. List your service now.

How do I choose a practitioner in  the directory?

Search by the issue concerning you, type of therapist or therapy, or popular categories.

Read therapist profiles on the directory, visit their websites, check out their qualifications and send the therapist/s a message via their profile page explaining what you need help with and asking if they have the experience and training to help.  See our FAQs for more help.

What if I need help right now? I’m in crisis. 

If you need immediate assistance click here or please attend your local hospital emergency department.

The essential phone numbers in Barcelona, Spain are 061 (medical advice and emergencies) or 112 (emergency).

Costa Blanca Samaritans Spain. Free Helpline for confidential emotional support: 900 525 100  24 Hours a day 365 days a year.