Therapist in Barcelona is an online directory of english speaking helping professionals in Barcelona founded and developed by Leigh Matthews from Therapy in Barcelona

We aim to help you find therapists or services in Barcelona that have the best fit for who you are, where you are and, what you need help with.

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Our story

My name is Leigh Matthews and I am the therapist from Therapy in Barcelona. I’m also the founder of the Therapist in Barcelona directory.

Working as a therapist in Barcelona, I became aware of the challenges of finding the right colleagues to refer clients to. 

There was no easy way of searching for therapists in Barcelona which allowed filtering of specialties. 

I saw a need for a comprehensive and user-friendly directory of therapists in Barcelona, especially for clients in need of finding help quickly and easily.

The Therapist in Barcelona directory is my answer to this gap. 

My wish is for it to connect clients with therapists and therapists with therapists, in Barcelona, easily. I hope it is a valuable resource for clients and therapists. 

The directory is a work in progress. We’ll be improving the look and usability and we welcome feedback and suggestions from therapists and clients at info@therapistinbarcelona.com

Welcome to the striving for wellness and connection in Barcelona! Thanks for joining us.


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